Here are the summary of the panel discussed in The World Economic Forum 2015.

“All the gold in the world is worth $10 trillion, but people are not using it to transact anything.  Today, is really more like Gold 2.0.”

“Bitcoin went from $1200 to $200 last year, but over 5 years it was still the best performing currency in the world.”

Today, about 1.5% of all daily transaction value is being paid out to miners. ($700k/$40m per day)

“I believe that for sure there WILL be a long-term, viable global crypto-currency.” Reid Hoffman

“A year ago had 50% share of all crytpo-currencies, today it has 97% share.”

“Right now is 1,000 times smaller than cash, but as it grows, governments will get even more interested.”

could one day allow allocation of resources dynamically between machines.”

“There are 10m people who own , 9m have not done anything with them (holding them) 1m doing transactions.”

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