Hi, my name is Manlo Ngai, a multidisciplinary designer based in Orange County, California. InfoRemix.com hosts as a creative playground to show my work and visual art. I am a forward-thinking, data-driven designer with a growth mindset. Hands-on, relentless focus on learning, iterating and constantly finding better ways to delight and deliver value to users.

My experience includes visual, interaction, UI, UX, product, branding, business strategy, and marketing. I work with a broad range of clients from agencies, startups to the world’s most relevant brands, including Samsung, LG, HTC, MTV, Machinima, and Zynga. I have had the extreme privilege to collaborate with the best who help each other to raise their games.

When I am not in front of the computer…My hobbies bounce from sustainable living, 3D printing, AR/VR, cooking, game design to AI technology. You can connect me on Twitter Linkedin Dribbble